Science Simplified

Extended Release Technology

We can use our technology to develop a suite of extended-released medicinal products containing nutrients that typically have poor bioavailability.




Does bioavailability confuse you? click here for our explanation of what it means. 



Mushroom 101

Learn about the amazing impact mushrooms can have on the body and what kinds of mushroom products work best!



CBD 101

Learn about the history benefits and bioavailability of CBD. 

The MYSIAH Difference

Mysiah is focused on combining natural plant-based ingredients and leading-edge technology to develop health supplements that make a difference.

Mysiah has taken a longer path to development by working with bioavailability experts and pharmaceutical manufacturers to take key nutritional ingredients that provide maximum health benefits but lack natural bioavailability. Rather than taking a short cut to the market, we strive to develop supplements that provide the maximum benefit over the optimal period of time.

Through our research we have determined 3 supporting contributors to the longevity of human health:


Mushroom extracts

Plant based stem cell enhancer