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What is Bioavailabity?

More and more people are beginning to learn why our bodies need nutrients that can be absorbed into the bloodstream.


MYSIAH Molecular CBD: Maximum Bioavailability

Size Does Matter

Why Molecular Nutrients?

As nutrients move throughout the body, they come into contact with cell receptors, bind to them by moving through the cell membrane and into the bloodstream where the nutrients can do their good work.

🔘Receptors are everywhere, they are small and circulating throughout the body. * 

🔘Large particles, common to most CBD products, are like giant boulders of CBD flowing through the system with very limited solubility*

🔘Small particles, like Nano particles, or extremely small particles, like our Molecular CBD, are like tiny grains of highly soluble substrate flowing through the gastrointestinal (GI) tract. Millions of them.*

🔘Small particles can infiltrate much more effectively thereby optimizing their ability to bind to available cell receptors.*

This is why small particles are more bioavailable than large particles. MYSIAH's Molecular CBD is the smallest particle size of CBD that exists, making it the most bioavailable form of CBD on the market.*

Example product

Example product

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