Immune - Supreme Mushroom Blend

Immune - Supreme Mushroom Blend
Immune - Supreme Mushroom Blend

Immune - Supreme Mushroom Blend

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  • Source anti-oxidants*
  • Strengthens Immune system*
  • May help reduce inflammation*
  • Digestive support*

  • 3,665 mg mushroom extracts
  • 100% mushroom fruiting body
  • Certified Organic Mushroom Extracts
  • No grain No filler
  • 30% Beta D Glucan (tested) Polysaccharides
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Customer Reviews

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AJ Eathorne
Great products

I have enjoyed taking this Immune. Tastes good and gives me more energy throughout the day!

High concentration

Convenient, I take it on the go, has all my favourite mushrooms

Great addition to our “stay healthy plan”

I am a practitioner and a mom of two teen boys - so I am always keen to have a great supplement to keep my patients and family healthy. We have found this product a great supplement for keeping us healthy in the cold and flu season and when we are feeling something coming on we take a few extra and we seem to ward off the cold/flu.

Plesently Surprised

I’m a 50-year-old male from Washington State. I’ve now taken the Breathe, Focus and Supreme gummies for the past 60 days. I start with that because, that alone was a major accomplishment for me… I hate taking supplements and pills in general. However, these things taste AMAZING!!! They have become my evening dessert, 2 gummies each per night. It took about day 15-20 to really notice that I seemed more alert and what I would call less foggy. My thought process is incredibly focused and I what I can only refer to as thought momentum. I would also note that I had C-6/7-disc replacement May 2022. After surgery I was on muscle relaxers as well as anti-inflammation meds… After about 30-45 days on the gummies, I noticed a significant improvement in my bodies healing. So much so that I quit taking my prescription meds and now only take the gummies. My only complaint is that my wife now shares in my evening dessert so my cost for the product is sure to double… Thank you. It’s definitely worth it! BTW my favorite flavor is the Breathe and my wife’s is the Focus.

MYSIAH Immune is made with adaptogenic 100% certified organic mushroom fruiting body extracts:

  • Organic Reishi extract (fruiting body)
  • Organic Cordyceps extract (fruiting body)
  • Organic Lions Mane extract (fruiting body)
  • Organic Chaga extract (fruiting body)
  • Organic Turkey Tail extract (fruiting body)
  • Organic Maitake extract (fruiting body)
General Information
  • Serving Size: 2 gummies
  • Servings per Bag: 30


We are fully committed to providing you with highly effective, quality mushroom extract products. Our gummy formulations are manufactured with premium mushroom fruiting bodies aimed at nourishing your body with the most essential and bioavailable form of nutrients.*

Each of our products comes with a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. If you aren’t completely satisfied with your MYSIAH order, we are happy to refund your money within 30 days from your purchase date. No questions asked.

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- 100% Vegan

- Organic Mushroom Extracts

- Fruiting Body

- GMP Certified

- 30% Polysaccharides

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Immune - Supreme Mushroom Blend
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